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CL Webinar#2: Accelerating ideas within a large corporate

We are pleased to present to you the second Creative Labs webinar with a very special guest. This time we hosted Sjoerd Peters from Rabobank, who discussed how to effectively accelerate ideas within a large international corporate.

Sjoerd H. Peters – I started my long career in innovation when I participated in a management traineeship at Rabobank. Thereafter I worked for years as a project manager at our Headquarters. I have always managed innovative and radical projects. And that’s the reason why I was asked to run our Moonshot campaign a.o. After that, I continued to do this. Accelerating ideas around brand transformation strategy within a corporate environment – this is how we do it at Rabobank! For years we are accelerating building ventures through our Moonshot campaign. It sounds easy, but is it? Working in a corporate environment has its pros but also its challenges, and in a heavily regulated environment with a lot of brand guidelines like a bank maybe even more. I’d like to share with you my experiences and lessons learned.

Due to some technical issues during the livestream, recording started after a few first minutes of the introduction. We apologice fo the inconvenience and hope you still enjoy it!