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Startbox & SEED.Cracow

The last year abounded in dozens of meetings, workshops and conferences in which we participated. We had the opportunity to meet and talk to both the heads of innovation or HR departments and the creators of the Kickbook methodology used by Swisscom, the Swiss community leader.

But one of the most interesting and inspiring meetings was the STARTBOX workshops conducted with students of various Krakow schools, which we prepared together with the SEED.Cracow entrepreneurship foundation.

Analysis of Startup ideas, stimulation of openness to customers, search for new solutions to roll out the market and joint polishing of the business model. In short, this was the meeting with talented and exceptionally motivated young entrepreneurs. During the workshop, the Creative Labs team had a great pleasure to present the Startbox methodology, present our tools and verify the innovative ideas that emerged during 2 days of intensive work with knowledge-hungry participants.

One of the aims of the two-day workshop, which took place at the premises of the AGH University of Science and Technology, was to present our product. With a group of over 40 people we shared practical and theoretical knowledge on how to build a business model, how to create a buyer person and how important, apart from the idea and business model, is branding, the visual side of the idea and its presentation. We received excellent, substantive feedback and a question about subsequent events of similar nature. Both Startbox – its unique content, the quality of materials and the level of our experts were highly evaluated. The next stage was the SEED.Run event where we had the pleasure of further evaluation of the strategy and business models created.

The last stage was a workshop which started the market validation phase of the developed concepts.

We treat every similar meeting as a challenge and an opportunity for our development as mentors, trainers and experts in the field of intrapreneurship. We are already looking for similar challenges and further innovative ideas ready for validation using the Startbox method.