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It is a process in which an employer enters into a partnership with an employee in order to create innovation - providing adequate space for such activities and subsidising them with financial resources and working time.

Innovative program

Intrapreneurship allows a company to keep the most entrepreneurial employees, facilitating the development of their own ideas within the current relationship with the employer - without the risk that is necessary to independently enter the market. Additionally, the company may be the first recipient of innovation, which allows for its natural and fast scaling.

Innovative program

Where is the innovative potential?

Intrapreneurship program is aimed at identifying and verifying potential innovators in the company and promoting such attitudes. Therefore, the whole process is not about the ideas themselves, but about their authors - the development of their competences, abilities and the development of innovative potential.

Remember that not everyone is suitable for being an entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur, but the responsibility for identifying and supporting such people in the organization lies with superiors. Our role as Creative Labs is to direct, mentor and consult ideas. Such a model and mutual trust in each other can guarantee the success and implementation of unique ideas on the market.
Where is the innovative potential?

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