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What exactly is Startbox?

Startbox isn't just a box. It is a program to support innovation within an organization and a method that helps to create and verify business ideas.


The whole program lasts about 6 months and begins with two-day Startbox workshops conducted by our mentors - experts in building business models, design thinking, project management, socialmedia and branding.

During the program, your employees - in the spirit of intrapreneurial thinking about their idea - will work and verify concepts developing not only their own competencies, but the entire organization. One of the most important elements of the whole program will be the validation of the idea by the market."

What intrapreneurship is?

More than a box

In addition to mentoring, each workshop participant receives from us a carefully designed Startbox box containing such tools as:

  • a work methodology book,
  • a results sheet,
  • Business Model Canvas template,
  • a template for Persona,
  • a set of exercises that stimulate creativity and other elements that allow you to test, validate and sell an idea.
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Stages of the Startbox program

Analysis of potential

Verification of ideas and recruitment of people who want to develop their ideas during workshops with mentors and the whole program.

Innovative workshops

The selected team participates in 2-day workshops led by mentors. This is the time and place for the verification and improvement of ideas.

Development of ideas

The last step is to work on the development of ideas and the validation of their commercial potential through a series of experiments with potential users - to present them to the management and to gain resources for their further development.

From an innovative idea to market validation

The Startbox contains six levels, each with objectives called actions. Complete these actions to advance to the next level. Once you begin, the Startbox can only be exited by succeeding or by giving up. Here is the secret to beating it: don’t give up.

From an innovative idea to market validation From an innovative idea to market validation

Why Startbox?


The program can be introduced at any time. Our mentors are available and ready to work both in Poland and throughout Europe.


Only a small number of ideas and concepts are suitable for development and marketing. Our tools and mentors will quickly verify their potential.

Quick effects

You don't have to wait years for the results of your work. The whole program, from the start to the implementation of the idea can take just 6 months.

Starbox Book

Do you want to know more?

Download the e-book with our methodology.

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