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CL Webinar#3: Values-Based Innovation Management

Brand values provide a source, lever, and orientation mark for innovation. How to discover it as a yet untapped source for innovation? How to expand into new values-based markets?

We are pleased to present to you another recording of a Creative Labs webinar, during which we had the pleasure of hosting Dr Henning Breuer from UXBerlin

Values remain widely untapped as sources of and drivers for innovation. Henning takes a conscious branding based view on innovation and its management ( He demonstrates the potential of values to integrate diverse stakeholders into innovation processes, to direct collaborative efforts, and to generate innovations that matter. Henning will introduce the framework and suitable facilitation methods (e.g. to design values-based business models).

Henning Breuer is founder of UXBerlin – Innovation Consulting, and professor for business and media psychology at the University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management. Since 2001 he works as an innovation consultant for large companies such as Deutsche Telekom, General Motors, Lufthansa, Systems, but also for young companies such as Dropbox and public organisations such as Deutsche GIZ. His consulting work focuses on strategic innovation management and culture, future scenarios, new business models and ethnographic research. Henning co-authored a widely recognized culture book on ,,Values-Based Innovation Management – Innovating by What We Care About”. As visiting professor and researcher he worked at Waseda University (Tokyo), the University of Chile (Santiago), and the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.