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Developing a values-based intrapreneurial culture

Instead of pursuing isolated innovations, more organisations seek to grow innovators and to establish an innovation culture based on motivating brand values.

Fostering intrapreneurship is one widespread approach to bring about such cultural changes in a bottom-up manner. Structured intrapreneurship programmes enhance the innovator experience, foster the digital brand transformation strategy skills and open up organisations to adopt new ideas.

This topic was researched by CIO Creative Labs Jakub Kruszelnicki and Dr Henning Breuer from UXBerlin – Innovation Consulting. The results of their work are presented in the recording from The ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovating in Times of Crisis on 7-10 June 2020.

The work investigates associated challenges, factors of success or failures, methodological approaches and experiences in dealing with them based on semi-structured expert interviews at three large German, Spanish and Swiss firms that have used Adobe Kickbox approach and belong to the open-source community Authors also draw from their own experiences in the creation, implementation and utilization of self-explanatory facilitation tools to foster values-based intrapreneurship in a reality where conscious branding is getting more and more attention.

The scientific article “Challenges, lessons and methods for developing values-based intrapreneurial culture” is an extension of the conference presentation and is available in the full form via this link.