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The 2019 Intrapreneurship World

Right at the end of 2019, the Creative Labs team took part in the Corporate Startup Summit – a meeting of corporate intrapreneurship programs taking place in Zurich. The event enabled us to discover and learn more about the most competitive internal employee innovation stimulation programs and the corporate startups, which emerged as their result. This made for a perfect opportunity to sum up the most interesting trends in this area and identify organizations that have something to be proud of.

Corporate Startup Summit
Creative Labs on Corporate Startup Summit 2019

What pushed us to participate in the event was our closer cooperation with the open community. is a community that has dominated the area of intrapreneurship in recent years by focusing on the Adobe Kickbox methodology, which was what we used as a model for our Startbox. Every year brings a new version of this boxed approach, ushering in good practices not only in corporate environments, but also in non-governmental organizations and even in public administrations. That is why it’s worth keeping up with the trends in this field by analyzing new benchmarks, which can bring added value to our clients.

To date, Swisscom’s Kickbox team can boast the greatest successes and claim to fame, thanks to developing an internal process enabling filtering more than 500 ideas a year, leading to more than 10 spin-offs – and that’s all in just four years! Swisscom’s Kickbox is a team that works with Swiss and German corporations, which helped more than 80 of them to implement their in-house intrapreneurship programs. Being a member of the community is a very important element of keeping up to date with market trends and exchanging experiences for Creative Labs, all while supporting each other and sharing best practices promote our methodology around the world.

However, the Kickbox approach is not the only good thing around. Among others that stood out this year was LEGO Innovation Team, which showcased their product co-creation tool, which directly engages both fans and customers, called LEGO Ideas – this is what made the Back to the Future and Friends sets possible.

Another interesting element that enabled us to follow all kinds of trends in this area were the awards for the best intrapreneurship activities. This gave us ample opportunities to applaud this year’s winners in the following categories:

The Best Corporate Entrepreneurship:
– OSRAM Digital Launchpad by OSRAM

The Best Corporate Incubator / Accelerator
Wayra Germany by Telefonica O2

The Best Corporate Startup:
MOBIKO by Audi

The Best Collaboration with a Startup:
PostFinance & tilbago 

We hope that one of the future editions will see us on the podium, boasting some interesting implementations from Poland for the first time in Kickbox history.

The additional StartUp Engagement Framework workshop allowed us to expand our skills in mapping the maturity of corporate collaboration with startups, providing us with tools to work with our clients in workshop settings.